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You Will Encounter On The Street…"

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Dear Friend,
First off -

I do not claim to be the world's most powerful fighter… Nor do I claim that this is the world's "best" fighting system. I believe that all styles have their merits and that you can benefit from learning from each of them. However, not all styles are good in all situations.

And here's why…

If you fight in the ring, then learn what works in the ring. If you train in the gym with grapplers, then learn what is allowed in your class. But if you want to become an unstoppable force in a real life-threatening street encounter, then you better learn the best method that works in THAT situation.

Today, MMA is the rave. I admit that you can learn something from MMA – such as aggressiveness and physical conditioning.

But does it work in a street fight?

Keep reading, and I will let you decide for yourself…


Don't forget MMA legends like Frank Shamrock said he was attacked in front of Home Depot. A guy pulled a knife and Frank said he wisely ran.

Rickson Gracie said something along the lines that he would rather fight a 300 lb guy in a ring than a 150 lb guy in the street because of street variables.

There is also Bas Rutten, Another MMA Great, who is always emphasizing the difference between techniques used in the ring versus techniques used in the streets .


These fighters have dominated in the ring but are humble enough to admit that there is a huge difference between sport-fighting and the real thing.  Strangely enough, the people who are too stupid to know the difference are their die-hard fans… who are too hyped up about what they see on TV than to listen to what these fighters are saying.

Are you serious about self-defence?

Then you absolutely must know this:

Skillful criminals do not pick fights, they pick victims.

If you are attacked on the street, it is because the predators are bigger, stronger and think they can hurt you.

So if you can not beat a bigger attacker, then what are you training for?

That's why I have created my system to work even for the below-average guy. A system that works, even if you are smaller, NOT strong, NOT aggressive, NOT fast, NOT experienced.

Now you have the chance to make this system work for you…

Training Module 1: The Shove

The Shove - Most fights start with a light shove - if you don't deal with this threat promptly, it could quickly turn into a situation that puts you in real danger.
Video Preview
Training Module 2: The Hard Push

The Hard Push - Common bullies will start their attack by pushing you hard to get you off balance. Also, you can be fatally pushed into oncoming traffic, or a cliff, or a sharp object. Not countering this properly could open you up to devastating attacks from your opponent.
Video Preview
Training Module 3: The Clinch

The Clinch - Once you move in close to your attacker, you need to disarm all his weapons, both hands, both legs, and his head - to give you the controlling advantage in the fight.
Video Preview
Training Module 4: The Right Hand Haymaker

The Right Hand Haymaker - The predominant striking attack you will encounter on the street is the rear right-handed punch. Getting hit with this can potentially knock you out! Discover the most effective way to counter this attack regardless of your attacker's size and strength.
Video Preview
Training Module 5: Push Then Haymaker

Push Then Haymaker - The common attack combination in a street fight. Your attacker's forward momentum can put you in a very bad position. If you get caught off-guard by this attack, here is what to do to turn the tables around.
Video Preview
Training Module 6: Single Hand Grabs
Single Hand Grabs - Bullies will often grab you by your shirt or lapel before throwing a punch. Here's what to do quickly release the hold depending on the threat-level of the grab.
Video Preview
Training Module 7: Double Hand Grabs
Double Hand Grabs - Another bullying favourite. Your larger attacker will attempt to pull you off your feet with two hands, or pin you to the wall. Learn how to flip the odds to your favour.
Video Preview
Training Module 8: The Hockey Punch
The Hockey Punch - This is grabbing with one hand and punching with the other. With one hand the attacker throws you off balance while his other hand strikes. Don't trade punches like a fool, here's how to counter this attack unscathed.
Video Preview
Training Module 9: Push and Pull (2 Videos)
Double Hand Push and Pull - This is a variation of the Double Hand Grab where your attacker is dynamically pushing and pulling you back and forth and upsetting your balance. Learn how to quickly regain your balance and control your attacker before you end up on the ground.
Video Preview
Training Module 10: Headlocks Defense (5 Videos)
Headlocks Standing - The most common "restraint" you will encounter on the street is the headlock. Here's how to easily prevent or escape it in the early and middle stages.
Video Preview
Training Module 11: Ground Defense (3 Videos)
Headlocks Ground - If you end up on the ground from a headlock, here's how to reverse the situation and submit your attacker.
Video Preview
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And best of all…

You do not have to train for years to actually start winning. In fact, quite the opposite. I know this because many of my students are martial arts Instructors who wonder why they got their ass kicked in a street fight after 10-20 years of training in their style.

So what makes more sense?

To spend many years and thousands of dollars in lessons and classes on techniques that will get you killed in a street fight? Or learn a system in a fraction of the time and cost and be able to defeat even instructors who have trained for years.

I am not exaggerating, because I have many students that have done just that.

"What My Students Are Saying..."
"I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I even won the local championship.  I thought I was pretty tough until I got into a bar fight and this little guy kicked my ass and I was on the floor bleeding in a matter of seconds.  It was obvious that all my martial arts training did nothing for me in a real world situation.  Afterwards, I learned Rob's system - it is simple and it works!"
- Frank
"Robert’s training is one of the only systems out there that actually work for smaller guys like me.  I’m only 5’4’’ and 140lbs, but now I can fight big “tough” looking, 250lb freaks.  It takes training though but it’s not hard to learn."
- Matt

"Robert's self defence system is very practical that can be applied in real life situations. I like Roberts's system because I am always in control of the amount of force I am applying. I have taken Peace Officer courses and the training is similar to Robert's self defence system. However, I have found Robert's system to be much more complete. "

- Inder

My martial arts is my life's work, and I will not tolerate it if you tainted it.
I have kicked out students from my classes because they did not have the right attitude.

If you want to learn to pick on others, don't buy my course…

If you want to act macho and show off, don't buy my course…

If you want to get certificates and belts, don't buy my course…

If you are not humble and respectful of other students with different backgrounds, don't buy my course…

With that said, if you are serious about acquiring the ability to defend yourself on the streets and you are open-minded and teachable… and if you have done your research and if only HALF of what world famous instructors are saying about me is true… then it would be foolish not to get my course.

See you on the inside!

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